Financial LifePlan

Benefits of a Financial LifePlan

There are many good reasons why investors choose to work with LifePlan Finanicial Group. One of them is our unique Model for Financial Planning which combines investment planning, income protection, estate planning, asset protection and debt management rolled into an interactive financial plan based on your values, dreams and goals.

Investors disappointed with traditional financial plans appreciate the interactive nature of a Financial LifePlan that adjusts as your life changes. That’s just one of the differences between a traditional financial plan and a Financial LifePlan. The chart below provides you a detailed analysis between the two.


Traditional Financial Plan vs Financial LifePlan

Category Item Traditional
Financial Plan
Purpose Dreams    
Goals – Accumulation based    
Goals – Life fulfillment based  
Values – What is at your core  
Investment Planning Retirement Projection – General    
Retirement Projection – Interactive  
Retirement Projection – Annual Review  
Withdrawal Strategy    
Short Term Liquidity  
Income Tax Efficiency    
Portfolio Rebalancing  
Contribution Strategy    
Portfolio Allocation    
Rate of Return Risk Target  
Investment Policy Statement  
Estate Planning
* Review and Recommendations
Wills & Trusts    
Trust Funding    
General Power of Attorney  
Charity / Gifting  
Health Care Power of Attorney  
Living Wills  
Assets Titled Correctly  
Beneficiaries Identified  
Asset Protection
* Review and Recommendations
Life Insurance    
Liability – Personal    
Liability – Business  
Property – Auto  
Property – House  
Long Term Health Care Insurance    
Income Protection
* Review and Recommendations
Health Insurance  
Life Insurance    
Disability Insurance    
Income Realization  
Collection of Due Benefits  
Income Tax Minimization  
Spending Plan  
Debt Management Debt Leveraging  
Debt Reduction  
Emergency Fund Strategy  
Tax Efficiency  

*LifePlan Financial Group does not prepare legal documents.
*LifePlan Financial Group does not sell insurance.
*LifePlan is a Fee-Only Advisor.

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Planning Model

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